I’ve been buying and using CBD oil from Courtney for about 8 months. Before starting I was on anti-depressants and Ambien daily. Also with 6 knee surgeries, I was in pain daily with pretty much any activity.

After about 3 months of CBD oil, I was completely off all my anti-depressants and Ambien. I’m sleeping like a baby every night. Also, my knee pain is all but gone. I’m happier on a daily basis and even take a little extra sometimes to help me deal with high stress situations.

It works like a charm. Not to mention, I’ve lost about 10 pounds without even trying. CBD is an amazing product and I’m glad I found it.

I love Rein CBD Oil Company and their products! The owner, Courtney, is very knowledgeable and very quick to respond with educated answers. She knows her products and wants to help people.

I highly recommend the CBD Oil. I personally have anxiety and this product has helped me tremendously! I feel like I can do my daily activities without anxiety taking over.

I give this company 5 stars!!

This CBD really works! I have severe flight anxiety and fibromyalgia. I also have chronic pain that sometimes affects my sleep. This stuff really works! I sleep so well!

The price is reasonable, it’s organic and a million times better for you than any drug.

Will keep buying this product and I highly recommend it!

I’ve been using the CBD Oil and the melts for 7 months now for anxiety and to ease my Achilles tendonitis pain. I especially like the drops, they help my anxiety without any side effects.

The melt I use before and after running or if my Achilles is really hurting. It almost immediately relieves my pain after a run or helps the pain not be so bad during my run.

I’m pretty cautious about what I put into my body and only recommend products that I truly believe in. I’d definitely recommend Rein CBD Oil to anyone and everyone. I even suggest it to my friends and family because I believe in these products.

I love using Rein CBD oil for my daily life!

I have trouble falling asleep, but with the drops before bedtime, I know I can have a good night’s rest…thanks Courtney!

I have been using Rein CBD oil for a few months now. I have really noticed a difference in my blood pressure stabilizing. I have had high blood pressure for several years, and is now normal with the help of the CBD oil.

I also notice that my sleep has been on point. I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this product.

Your Lavender Essential Melt was my best friend this past week! I had a horrible flu, with muscle aches and sore all over. It worked wonders for me. Amen!!

Thanks so much for hooking me up with your CBD oil! It’s amazing and so much better than the other I had tried.

Perfect for calming my anxiety and I don’t think I would have survived doing my taxes without it. Every mom needs some, know what I’m saying?