In August 2014, Primo sustained a bowed tendon while he was turned out in a big pasture. I moved Primo to a boarding facility closer to me, and when the vet came out and did an ultrasound, he found a lump on his tendon. Upon further inspection, he saw that it was a tear in his superficial digital flexor tendon.

Primo was immediately put on stall rest per doctor’s orders, and as the healing progressed, he moved into bigger areas. So much guilt consumed me seeing him having to stay confined like this and not get out and be a horse and me not be able to ride him. Poor Primo!

After many months of this tedious process he had an ultrasound and it showed his tendon was healed, thankfully! I was then able to ride him at a walk for a short amount of time then progress from there slowly and gradually. It was so awesome being on his back again and he was happy about it too!

After months of slowly getting him back into shape at the end part of November 2015, I took him to barrel race and Sequin at the Guadalupe fairgrounds and he effortlessly ran a 15.0 on Sunday.

I continued to ride him and practice and the beginning of the next year, I was in Houston working and I took him to some barrel races and also for a cutting lesson in Hempstead to keep his mind good. We went out to gather some cattle in the pasture and even with good Iconoclast boots on him, we were in deep mud. After his lesson, I took his boots off and saw that his tendon was swollen. I knew in my heart it was injured again.

A friend and co-worker referred me to Dr. Kurt Heite, a good equine veterinarian in the area who did PRP-platelet rich plasma therapy. Primo had 1 round of PRP with Dr. Heite and was on stall rest for a bit. When we went back for his check up two weeks later, you could see new tendon fibers already growing. After some time we went through the gradual process of getting him back to riding again. We then moved to Grand Prairie to work the thoroughbred meet and I rode Primo twice in April and then realized I needed to play it safe and work with him on the ground, as it was only 2 months until William was due.

I hand walked him a lot, which was great exercise for me also and he was put on the hot walker also. Primo was convinced he was a racehorse seeing them all around him. I asked a friend if he wanted to ride Primo as a pony horse for his dad’s racehorses and he did and also did some light outriding on him. The job was good for Primo’s mind because I couldn’t ride him and knew he needed something to do to keep him happy. Primo really enjoyed this and I got to see him when I was clocking horses in the morning so it worked out well.

Once I had William, Primo went and stayed in East Texas with my Aunt and Uncle until I could bring him to Tennessee. When Primo came back he had a check up for his tendon and he needed PRP again, but this time in both ankles. Dr. Mike Caruso with Tennessee Equine Hospital did 2 rounds of PRP and shockwave therapy on him. The shockwave therapy really helped so much more in conjunction with the PRP, allowing it to be a more effective healing process. Dr. Mike told me many times when a horse has a bow in one tendon the other will bow because they are overcompensating for the injured side. I’m thankful both tears were slight and that we addressed it.

Now I’m much more careful with what I do with Primo. Thankfully, since this procedure in May of 2017, Primo has been sound ever since. I haven’t competed with him and I’m still letting him show me what he wants to do and watching and listening closely. William and I both enjoy riding him when we have the opportunity, and he always takes great care of us.

Primo is very special to me and I’ve given him CBD Oil from the tincture throughout 2018 and in 2019 and he really has shown in his disposition that it makes him feel good – not in a hyperactive way – but just good all over like he is happy and not hurting anywhere and wants to show off for us.

One day I  gave him a 2 full droppers of our Rein 500 mg CBD peppermint oil and the neatest thing happened about an hour after I did: I walked out to catch him in our front turnout and he put on a show for William and I. He started loping circles around us and did a flying lead change right dead center in front of me. I still have the video!

Primo is such a kind soul and is very special to me. I’m so happy to see his progress on our Rein CBD Hemp Pellets. Primo loved the CBD pellet samples that I received from our manufacturer.

I truly believe in CBD for both ourselves and our animals. Why put synthetics into their body’s when we now have natural, kosher CBD pellets and tinctures available?