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Providing consumers and their animals with the highest quality and potent, Phytocannabinoid Rich, Broad Spectrum CBD products, backed with 3rd party testing and knowledge to satisfy each customer.



In 2013, Courtney wanted to know what component was in cannabis that created a complete balance and harmony within her body like nothing else did, without any bad side effects. After doing extensive research, she found that CBD was the key component that balanced her body out.

While finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tarleton State University, she began working for a corporate CBD company. After gaining great education and feel in the CBD industry, Courtney decided to put her Business degree to use and form her own company.

After comparing multiple Certificate of Analyses and numerous conversations with company sales reps, Courtney selected the best CBD for Rein CBD Wellness Company’s products.

Courtney feels very blessed to offer you the highest quality CBD products in the world! Rein CBD products are Certified Kosher, Non-GMO, and highly potent and pure. My manufacturer is the world’s only hemp company issued a Certificate of free Sale and a Manufactured Food Establishment License by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE). These certifications help establish my manufacturer as the industry’s premier hemp company for manufacturing, processing and fulfilling of my broad spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil, water-soluble technologies and finished food products. No other hemp company has met the requirements needed to be licensed as a Manufactured Food Establishment and received a Certificate of Free Sale.


How do I take Rein CBD?

CBD oil works best sublingually

Place the dropper under your tongue and dispense the drops, hold under tongue for 30-90 seconds and then swallow.

Do NOT drink, eat, or smoke for at least 15-30 minutes afterwards for optimal absorption.

    • WEEK 1: Start with 2-3 drops twice daily
    • WEEK 2: If needed, increase to 4-5 drops twice daily
    • WEEK 3: Increase to 6-8 drops twice daily if needed
    • WEEK 4: If needed, increase to 9-10 drops twice daily
      * Only increase drops if relief isn’t felt*

*If you are on medications please consult with your doctor before taking Rein CBD.

*If you have an autoimmune disease or a severe condition needing immediate attention and aren’t on medication, start with a full dropper of CBD and increase only if needed after a week by a 1/2 dropper full.

*If you have a severe condition and are on medication, the chart above is recommended to use.

CO2 and Ethanol extraction ensures maximum potency CBD. We use a combination of these two methods to make our CBD products the most natural, potent, and pure.


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Why are you so passionate about helping people with Rein CBD?

Together, my whole family spent years dealing with the severely deteriorating side effects of a variety of pharmaceuticals, whether it be within one’s self or coping with the other person’s side effects.

I believe the warnings to be true that are listed on those pharmaceutical drugs stating they can cause suicidal thoughts, death, etc. These synthetics change up our brain chemistry and can cause horrible outcomes, two of which I experienced personally with my parent’s deaths.

I have come to realize after many years that a great diet, regular exercise, and natural remedies are so crucial in order for me to feel my best. Yes! There’s a natural and healthy path, without a long list of terrible side effects leading to an unknown future of deterioration of the body, mind, and spirit. WHY DO THIS TO OURSELVES?

With Rein CBD, there are ZERO SIDE BAD SIDE EFFECTS. You can’t overdose on Rein CBD. If you take too much you may feel sleepy or energetic. I never dreamed I would find a legal solution that didn’t come without feeling weird in some way but by the grace of God my prayers were answered and I was led to CBD. The good Lord has provided us with the incredible and versatile hemp plant, which contains so many helpful phytocannabinoids. 

Found in our broad spectrum oil formulation are essential phytocannabinoids that work simultaneously with CBD creating homeostasis and balance within our bodies.



Named for her son, William Rein, Courtney started Rein CBD Company driven by her passion to help others experience relief in order to feel their best by connecting them to God’s plants and natural ways. Whether it be through CBD products or Young Living® Essential Oils, Courtney goes to the extra mile to provide you with your plant based needs.

“I feel that we should live as naturally and pure as possible, the way God intended us to. God provided us with a variety of amazing plants grown all around us for centuries and I know through my life experiences that I have a purpose to inform people of the power of plants. If you think about it, look how long people lived in the bible, without the use of synthetic medication.”

Together, William and Courtney enjoy spending time with their animals, enjoying nature, seeking out new and fun adventures, and traveling. Courtney’s mission is to provide others with the blessing of experiencing relief in a natural, good way by connecting them to God’s plants. “God blessed me with this precious, beautiful boy and it is my job to teach him how to live a good and healthy life and in turn he will be able to teach others how to do the same.”

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please use our Contact Us page for any questions, and to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.



Our supplier believes in a cultivation approach that is compliant with organic farming practices as defined by the standards captured in the Organic Food Production Act, USDA organic regulations, and the National Organic Program. The farms practice an organic cultivation or handling system plan that intends to meet the requirements below:

  1. A description exists of practices and procedures to be performed and maintained;
  2. A list exists of each substance to be used as a production or handling input, indicating its
    composition, source, and where it will be used;
  3. A description exists of the monitoring practices and procedures to be performed and maintained,
    including the frequency with which they will be performed, to verify that the plan is effectively
  4. A description exists of the record-keeping system implemented to comply with the requirements;
  5. A description exists of the management practices and physical barriers established to prevent
    commingling of organic and non-organic products on a split operation and to prevent contact of organic
    production and handling operations and products with prohibited substances.

These organic farming practices have been reviewed and approved by a certification agency, and expects to have certification to demonstrate such by 2019. This declaration intends to inform the parties concerned that the practices leading to an organic-certification in future are already in place and therefore, result in an equivalent product that could be expected from a certified-organic farm.